Greetings! This may be your first visit to my website, but I’m betting that I already know a few things about you. You probably have a beard or know someone that has a beard and you probably have an insatiable lust for craft beer. I knew there was something I liked about you.

The Beerded Beard Company is all about beard care by and for the craft beer loving bearded™. It also happens to be the world’s only beard care company started, owned and wholly operated by a Certified Cicerone® and chemical engineer. My name’s Bob and I started this little company in Cleveland, Ohio back in 2014. Why? Well, for starters I have a beard and I want to take care of it. Oh, and I have a slightly insatiable love for hops.

I love hops so much, in fact, that I put them into everything I make – handmade, 100% plant-based beard balm, beard oil. mustache wax, lip balm, even soaps. So if you love craft beer and you’ve got some fuzz on that face of yours (even if you don’t, I’ve got some goodies for you), let me help you take care of it the only way I know how – with handcrafted Ohio love and bunches of hops.

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